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Available Standard Flavors
List updated on June 16 (Friday), 2017

Special / Seasonal Flavors
These flavors are only available for special durations or when ingredients are in season. The flavor list is updated frequently, so check back before your order is placed.
List updated on June 17 (Saturday), 2017
  • Apple Banana Mac Nut
    No Sugar added! Ripe Apple Bananas, Local Orange Juice and toasted salted Mac Nuts combine into a healthy treat that will tickle the tastebuds.
  • Beet Strawberry Lavender
    This batch of our no sugar classic is juicy with Kula Strawberries, super refreshing and 100% guilt free!
  • Gingatanical Yellow
    Like a hot ginger candy.  Lemon juice, ginger syrup, vanilla and warm spices--tumeric, cinnamon and coriander. Revel in the afterglow!
  • Jaboticaba
    Originally from Brazil, we get our Jaboticaba from the Big Island.  Dark, grapey berry flavor with fantastic texture!
  • Kula Strawberry Ice Cream
    Perfect and simple strawberry ice cream. 
  • Lychee
    Just as perfect a Lychee popsicle as anyone could hope for. We did all the work of peeling and pitting Mililani lychee so you don't have to!
  • Mango Strawberry Li Hing
    Mango Sorbet swirled with Strawberry Li Hing Sorbet for a salty sweet treat.
  • Mountain Apple Rose
    Light, refreshing,a perfect expression of Mountain Apple blended with just a hint of rose water.
  • Varietal Mango Blend
    Different varietals of Hawaiian Mangoes blended together. No sugar!
  • Watermelon Hibiscus
    Sweet Ewa watermelons combined with tart hibiscus for a refreshing summer treat!

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