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OnoPops' Hawaiian Shave Ice & Beverage Syrups

All-Natural and made from locally grown fruit
Price $15 per bottle (750 ml)

Li Hing

Shipping: Flat rate shipping $24 for up to 3 bottles

OnoPops' Hawaiian Shave Ice & Beverage Syrups Syrup

Made from locally grown fruit, OnoPops’ Shave Ice & Beverage Syrups are an all-natural way to spruce up your beverage or shave ice. Using traditional methods of flavor extraction -- maceration, heat, slow infusion -- we capture the flavors of your favorite local fruits into all-natural syrups that are delicious and refreshing when mixed with club soda, poured over finely shaved ice, or used to put a Hawaiian twist on your favorite cocktail.

Available from select stores or the OnoPops kitchen on Oahu



Honolulu Magazine (December 2013)

Onopops Fruit Syrups: All Natural, All Local Syrups for Your Sodas and Cocktails
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