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Grandpa Mui's All Natural Li Hing Mui Powder

All-Natural Li Hing Powder
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Li Hing

Shipping: Within the US is $8 per 32oz and takes 1-2 weeks for delivery.

The Story behind Li Hing Mui Powder Li Hing

As local boys growing up in Hawaii, we loved li hing but didn't like the side effects of FD&C Red #5 and aspartame. After enough OnoPops fans said the same thing, we did some research. Long before FD&C Red #5 and aspartame were invented, there was li hing powder, and it didn't have that junk in it.

We studied recipes in English and Chinese and figured out what the components of that old style li hing were and gave them a 21st century twist. We use a blend of plum powders mixed with white licorice powder, Hawaiian sea salt, and superfine cane sugar. Our original recipe includes what was once the most common natural food dye in the world, natural red carmine -- the original red of char siu, the roast duck and the thumbprint in the almond cookie. For those of you who don't want any natural red, we also make a white version.

The sour-salty-sweet flavor will serve all of your li hing powder needs -- sprinkled on pineapple or granny smith's, rimming your margarita glasses, in Alan Wong's salad dressing recipe or as a dry rub for Chinese style pork.



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